My Book of Birds


Groundwood Books
Canada & United States, 2016


Wren & Rook
The United Kingdom, 2017


Mango Jeunesse
France, 2017


Welcome to the colorful, diverse and fascinating world of birds. Spot majestic golden eagles, snowy owls, hummingbirds or herons in their natural habitats, as they hunt for food, nest and care for their young. Artist and nature lover Geraldo Valerio shares his passion for birds in his delightful paper collage creations, setting us on flights of feathery imagination and encouraging the thrill of spotting birds in the wild.


“An elegant homage to birds.”  

Publishers Weekly


“The stylized collage illustrations created with old magazines, art paper, and gift wrap, are striking and beautiful.”  



“A soaring example of beautiful graphic design.”

The Sunday Times


“ This book is brilliant for demonstrations that art and facts can be combined to produce something truly beautiful to look at.”  

The School Librarian